Thank you message from Josh:

Four years ago, voters gave me the honor of serving as the first majority Democratic Chairman in the history of Montgomery County. Yesterday was a referendum on that work, and Pennsylvanians heard us loud and clear.

We want pragmatic, ethical leadership. We want a balanced budget that invests in what matters like supporting our kids, keeping us safe, and fixing our infrastructure in a smart way.

Beyond this, the people of our state deserve a government that’s honest and stands up for what’s right — from equality and civil rights to the rule of law — no matter what party you’re from or who you know.

Four years ago we asked voters to trust us. Trust that we could clean up the mess that Montgomery County was in and put an end to the old ways of doing business.

We fundamentally reformed the way we do everything — from funding our pensions to providing human services. The results, across the board, have been lower costs, higher quality and a greater trust in the integrity of our government. We worked hard, we worked across the aisle, and we delivered. Yesterday we proved that doing what’s right is also winning politics.

Thank you for everything you’ve done, thank you for your trust in me, and thank you for ensuring pragmatic, progressive leadership is here to stay in Montgomery County.

Thank you,

Josh Shapiro